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<h1><span class='eastlondon'>East London</span> Dog Walking</h1> <h1><span class='eastlondon'>East London</span> Dog Walking</h1>

East London Dog Walking

Daily exercise is essential to keep dogs mentally and physically happy. Regular exercise, play and stimulation (especially with other dogs) not only keeps your dog fit and healthy, but can also aid many dog behavioural problems (for example, chewing, barking and digging – all of which are often the result of boredom or isolation).

Doggy walks in East London and Essex Areas

Here at Lovehounds, we understand that there are many reasons why you may require help with dog walking and general pet care. Whether you work full time, lead a busy lifestyle or are simply not as active as you used to be, we are here to help.

Unlike many kennels, we will be there to collect your pets from your own home and to drop them back again. We can also hold a set of your keys if needed. This way, you will not feel the need to rush around, and you can dedicate more of your time to you, your family and your pet.

Lovehounds understand that all dogs are different, which is why we tailor each walk to your dog’s needs. We walk dogs of all breeds and sizes for up to two hours, and they are walked at their own pace.

Your pet’s safety and your complete satisfaction in our service is our number one priority. We always ensure that your dogs are walked in a safe environment away from traffic, and will only let them off the lead with your permission.

After each walk, the dogs are cleaned, watered and cooled down before returning home for a well-earned nap!

Lovehounds is a family-run, fully insured company, and we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality and affordable dog walking services. You can rest assured that when your dog is with us, they will be given the same love and attention that you give them.

Group Dog Walking

Group dog walks are a brilliant way for your dog to socialise with other dogs under the supervision of an experienced dog walker. We take each dog on its own merit, and they will be allocated to a compatible group.

We walk up to five dogs at once, all of various breeds, to help dogs learn good behaviour and how to interact with other dogs.

Over the years, we have seen first hand the benefits of walking younger, more impressionable dogs with older and more well-behaved dogs. Not only does the good behaviour rub off, but they learn how to play and socialise with their new dog friends!

We will come and meet all potential clients before we undertake any work, and each new dog will be subject to a trial period.

If you live in East London or Essex and require local dog walking services, please do not hesitate to contact Lovehounds. We are friendly and professional, and absolutely love dogs, so why not call us today to find out more about our services.



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East London Dog Walking

Daily exercise is essential to keep dogs mentally and physically happy. Regular exercise, play and stimulation (especially with other dogs) not only k…

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